Set Phasers to fun: Star Trek: New Adventures now live

Earlier this year, we here at the Dice Trip let out what I can only describe as a “collective squee” when Modiphius announced the first new Star Trek tabletop role playing game in 14 years.

Based on the 2d20 system, you can take part in a living campaign for the playtest where you and your crew will command the USS Venture, USS Bellerophon, USS Thunderchild or the USS Lexington. The first three ships are set firmly in The Next Generation-era 24th Century and focus upon a variety of mission types with the USS Venture providing a well-rounded experience of science, exploration and conflict. Take command of the USS Bellerophon to play a more science and exploration heavy role in the living campaign or take command of the Thunderchild for more conflict.

For those interested, we picked the Venture.

For crews who like their Star Trek with, a few more, commas, when they speak, the Lexington provides what is essentially a living prequel to the other three ships, set in The Original Series-era where the stories told there will have an impact on the other narratives.

With adventures and narrative written by veteran authors of Star Trek novels, previous Trek RPGs and a whole host of other role playing games such as D&D, Mutant Chronicles and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the full release is due out Summer 2017 but you can sign up to the play test right now.


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