D&D: New Druid Circles for Play Testing

As a veteran Dungeons and Dragons player of over two years now (okay okay; you and I both know that still makes me a complete beginner), my current and perhaps favourite character is my half-orc druid. She’s not very smart and she’s got zero social skills but she’s on a wavelength with her swampy place of birth and its local fauna that the rest of the party could only dream of if they dreamed of constant cold, damp and a general mugginess.

Many more seasoned adventurers have now explored all avenues this class has to offer and so are now waiting with even greater suspense for the new expansions to the druid class. Those chomping at the bit for this update will be able to share their views on the improvements and have an impact wider than their immediate social networks by completing this survey.

But what are these changes I hear you all say? Well, if I’m being really honest as well as continuing the scenario where we’re actually speaking with one another rather than you reading this to yourself in silence; then I wouldn’t have heard you ask as I’ve been too busy talking at you for two paragraphs.

Principle changes will include three new druidic circles:

  • Circle of Dreams for those wanting to feel a faerie connection as well as opening up good opportunities for some additional party healing
  • Circle of the Shepherd for those wanting to engage in a new avenue of animal kinsmanship whilst also giving your fellow party members a friendly boost where needed
  • Circle of Twilight for those who want to really sparkle Circle of Twilight will give characters a chance to let their dark side come out to play.

Finally, there have been some changes to Wildshape. My druid was born on a swamp. She grew up on a swamp. The only animals she ever saw were those of a swampy nature. Let’s be honest here, though, however true to your character you want to stay there’s only so long you want to have your only beast shapes be a variety of amphibians. So I personally will be looking forward to taking full advantage one new rule meaning a new beast shape can be acquired by observation of a given beast for at least an hour or interaction for a minimum of ten minutes.

Come on Mr. DM, mamma wants a shiny phoenix…


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