King of Tokyo expansion revamp in April

In 2012, the much loved pick up and play game King of Tokyo received an expansion named Power Up! Now, four years on and a revision of the main game later, that expansion itself is also being revised and released in April 2017.

The original expansion added the panda beats, Pandakai and evolution cards which are drawn by rolling three hearts and could be played at any time for a whole host of permanent or single use bonuses.

The 2017 revision of Power Up! will include not only Pandakai and his/her deck, but evolution decks for the six monsters from King of Tokyo’s later revision which replaced the Cyber Bunny and Kraken with Cyber Kitty and Space Penguin, as well as evolution decks for the first edition Cyber Bunny and Kraken.

In the box, you’ll find eight tokens, the Pandakai monster board, figure and stand, a grand total of 72 evolution cards and a rulebook with variant rules for a slightly more competitive way of playing with evolution cards.

The revised King of Tokyo: Power Up! will cost around £16 when it’s released in April.



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