D&D: Fighter archetypes for playtesting

Archery, mounted combat and oriental honour abound in the Unearthed Arcana playtest of four Fighter archetypes.

  • Arcane Archer – elite elven guardians that combine their magical skills with their natural prowess with bows. Capable of conjuring magical arrows and imbue them with special bonuses.
  • Knight – the classic armoured noble on his mighty steed. Protector of the weak and punisher of the evil-doer. Able to single out a foe and instill them with fear of your battle prowess.
  • Samurai – often seen as an oriental version of the Knight, these honour driven warriors are implacable and unyielding. Their training and focus protecting not only their bodies but their minds as well.
  • Sharpshooter – scout or sniper, you are the master of ranged combat. Expert at finding the target even if they’re hiding in cover and even being able to use your bow effectively in close quarter combat too.

The archetypes presented are still in the testing stages, and this is your opportunity to try them out and give your feedback. Perhaps even seeing your choices brought to reality in a future rules expansion.

Shape the future of the game.



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