Dice Trip’s Stocking Fillers for £15 or Less

Not everybody will be looking for a big game for their loved one this Christmas and some of the best fun can be had with smaller gifts. You might just be looking for something that’s a quick addition to an already hefty list of gifts or you might be the sort of person that enjoys getting someone lots of little things.

So here’s our individual recommendations for what to pick up to stuff in a stocking this Christmas.

Liam recommends Coup


Price: £12.45 from Amazon
Players: 2-6
Play time: 15 minutes

Coup is possibly one of my favourites. It’s easy to understand and pick up and the rules aren’t the only thing you’ll pick up. You’ll also learn that your friends and family are better liars than you ever thought.

Bluff your way to victory as you control members of the government, assassinate others and stage a coup!

Mark recommends Arboretum


Price: £12.86 from Amazon
Players: 2-4
Play time: 30 minutes

“A card game about…trees?”

Beautiful artwork and simple gameplay are the order of the day here as you try to create the most impressive orchard, without giving your opponents any of the vital cards that they need.

Jon recommends Fluxx


Price: £12.79 from Amazon
Players: 2-6
Play time: 5-30 minutes

Fluxx is an old favourite of mine because every game is truly different making for unpredictable and crazy games every time, ensuring there’s never a dull game.

You start with two rules in play – Draw One Card and Play One Card. But every card played leads to the rules changing, whether it be as simple as adding or removing a rule, or as drastic as wiping the slate clean or swapping everyone’s hands.

It’s a simple premise but guaranteed to keep everyone on their toes and giggling as confusion and craziness start to reign.

And if you enjoy that, there’s a wealth of other, themed sets that you can mix in for greater variety and to create ever more bonkers rule sets.


Emily recommends UNO


Price: £5.49 from Amazon
Players: 2-10
Play time: 5-30 minutes

That’s right I heard you groaning at such an unoriginal suggestion. It’s a classic you can either dust off from the back of the shelf or it’s the perfect stocking filler (and it’s small enough to fit in an actual stocking).

I too had let this game gather dust, but I have a key ingredient to bring a new lease of life to those classics you thought had played their last: kids (additional extended family optional). With such a range of player numbers and basic rules, this is a game that really can be fun for all the family regardless of age or gaming enthusiasm. Definitely one to have up your sleeve for Christmas evening when the TV’s rubbish and tempers are starting to fray! You never know, you might even inspire some relatives to consider trying out some of the other games recommended here. Merry Christmas.



Mik recommends Cards Against Humanity (UK Edition)


Price: £25.00 from Amazon
Players: 4-20+
Play time: variable dependent on number of players

Whilst this breaks our £15 rule, everybody else has covered what I would suggest that’s safe for work, children, and society. Dice Trip have gotten into a spot of bother playing it on more than one occasion.

When the kiddies have been tuckered out and gone to sleep after the excitement of the day, and the grown-ups have been liberally lubricated with the festive spirits it’s time to break out this little beauty in all its political incorrectness.

Playing this game you’ll find out that prim and prudish Auntie Mary is as filthy minded as the rest of you. Each player has a hand of cards which they play to either answer the round’s question or to fill in the blank on it. The person who comes up with the funniest/filthiest/stupidest combination scores the point and then judges the next question. You can either play to a set score to determine the winner or just keep going till you run out of cards and see who scores the most (my money’s on Auntie Mary, just saying).

If you don’t fancy springing for the main set, or already have it, there are numerous additional sets for around £10.00 apiece also available.

Got your own suggestions for stocking fillers? Let us know in the comments down below!


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