Warlord Games to produce 2000AD miniatures

Warlord Games, creators of Bolt Action and Beyond the Gates of Antares, have just announced they are to produce a series of miniatures and games based on legendary characters from 2000AD.

Initial developments seem to be focusing on the world of Strontium Dog featuring mutant bounty hunter Johnny Alpha. This has great potential with the vast array of exotic weaponry carried by the characters and the opportunity for small-scale skirmish games, narrative campaigns and possibly full-scale battles with the Mutant Army fighting for freedom against the evil Kreelers.

Full details are on the 2000AD website.


Personally, I am more than excited by this announcement. As a reader of 2000AD for almost all of its 40 years, I’ve been a keen collector of many of the games that have been produced (I think I’ve just had an idea for another article…) and I was genuinely saddened by the recent news that Mongoose were not renewing their license for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game.

This gives me a lot of hope that in Warlord’s safe hands we’ll be seeing some quality miniatures and games for Johnny Alpha, Judge Dredd and many more.

Let us know in the comments which 2000AD character you want to see Warlord working on.


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