Revisited: Star Fluxx (2011)

Here at Dice Trip, we’ve been playing games for a number of years before we founded our little place on the internet this year. In those years many games, both good and bad were released and since starting Dice Trip, we’ve had the bright idea of starting a feature to revisit them to see if they hold up to the tests of time.

For our first revisit, we’re going to start with Star Fluxx, the science fiction variant of Fluxx.

The basic premise of Fluxx, Star or basic, is that the rules of the game and goal for winning change as play unfolds. Except this time, with a science fiction flavour with puns and references galore.

The game starts with the basic rule – draw 1, play 1. As players draw more cards this can increase and change, for example, you may end up with the draw 5 and play all rules on the table meaning that during every turn, until cancelled a player needs to draw 5 cards and play all of them in their hand. They can play them in any order, but they all need to be played.


However, it’s not quite that simple. Opponents can interrupt your actions, knocking victory from your hands and they can also play actions that go as far as players actually having to put their hand of cards down on the table and switch seats with another player, swapping absolutely everything they have in the game with the other player.

Every game is different. They can be over in just a couple of minutes or they can last a whole lot longer. You can also win because of another player’s mistake – which tends to be how I’ve won when playing this game as of late.

I had the luxury of introducing this game to a few members of Dice Trip and our friends for the first time earlier this week and it went down well. Every single game was different. It’s also a lot of fun to watch someone calculating their next play, trying to get a couple of steps ahead just to have their hopes and dreams crushed by the play of a single card, then to watch the person who was the one to dash those hopes do exactly the same and have their own hopes and dreams crushed.

The great thing about Fluxx – in any variation – is that it’s easy to play. Though the rules change as the game goes on, it doesn’t require much to get going. The thing that always keeps me coming back to Star Fluxx in particular over the vanilla version is the same thing that I would expect would attract most Sci-Fi fans: the game is filled with references and puns from your favourite shows and stories.

I’ve owned Star Fluxx since it’s initial release in 2011 and my particular copy has seen hundreds of games and hands, so it has seen a fair amount of usage through the years but the only visible evidence of this is a slightly dog-eared box. The cards themselves look and feel brand new still even after the amount of play they’ve received.

The box of the copy I own

 All in all, Star Fluxx is a game I would recommend to anyone as a game to play to fill time or to play something light and fast after a sort of palate cleanser after a heavy game. It’s also fair to say that even in the 5 or so years of owning and playing this game, for me and the people I play with on a regular basis, this game is yet to grow old.

Star Fluxx is available for £13.33 from Amazon and is for 2-6 players of ages 8 and up.


Value for money: 5/5
Gameplay: 4/5
Replayability: 5/5
Complexity: Light

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