D&D Unearthed Arcana Artificer Playtest

Wizards of the Coast kicks off the New Year with more goodies to playtest.

The Artificer was in a previous playtest as a sub-class of the Wizard, but now we see it as a character class of its own. In previous editions it was a staple of the Eberron setting , where the mix of magic and pseudo-technology was a common place mix.

The playtest presents two archetypes for the Artificer:-

The Alchemist – the master of potions and draughts.

The Gunsmith – yes you read that right, creator and wielder of firearms in your magical realms.

As always, we encourage you to try these out in your home games so that you can then give your feedback in the survey once they put it up.

The same page has the survey for the previous playtest – the Paladin – up for your feedback now.


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