Cards All For Cards Against Humanity


Cards Against Humanity was a huge hit when it came out – its irreverent, no holds barred, no joke too dark humour, all wrapped up in a simple as hell system that’s really just Blankety Blank without the shackle of a Prime Time TV time slot, ensured it found a wide audience fast, one that’s always happy to introduce new people if only to see the look on their faces as the level drops and the gutter gets over populated…

Damn, I love this game!

But even with the wealth of expansions, ongoing as they are in creating them, there is still a shelf life on some of the cards, no matter how hilariously and deliciously dark they may be.

New blood is needed to keep things going, and the world being as it is, there are plenty of fully compatible sets you can mix in. Here is a quick run down the some I have found, and an idea of whether they are for you, or maybe just too far the wrong side of “Aw hell no!” for you and your friends…


cah-oe6001Crabs Against Humidity

By creators Vampire Squid Cards, this set of expansions is very much in the same vein as the game it supports.

The card stock is the same quality as Cards Against Humanity.

It also, unsurprisingly, follows the same sales model –  a core set then extra expansions, plus a bundle of everything to date if you want to dive in head first – as do most of these unofficial, third party sets.

But none of that matters really – it is what is written on the cards that counts, and Crabs Against Humidity is full of the same random humour and possible side-splitting combos in its own right, blending in seamlessly with the main game so that, besides their crab claw on thermostat icon, you’d not be able to tell one set from the other for the most part.

They are willing to go a tad crasser here and there, so some do stand out as, but nothing has you questioning yourself for playing – well, not any more than you might usually do so.

As with many of these, there is a free pdf available so you can peruse some, if not all of their cards so you can try before you buy.

But for those wanting to go full out, no holds barred, there is a set for you, and it’s not for the faint hearted.


Guards Against Insanity

The creators proudly advertise this expansion as the “unofficial naughty” expansion for Cards against Humanity, which is quite a boast, but they do fulfil – I will not dare post any of their cards here as its all very much NSFW.

Most cards are crude, lewd or crass without any apology – revelling in it even, and the resulting answers will be all the more god smacking, stomach churning and crowd stunning for it.

If you and your friends have become numb to the base set, or you really want to catch someone off guard, then this is the expansion to be looking into.


Cats Abiding Horribly

An oddly named set and no mistake, this one stands out for being more amusing than usual.

There is still the dark and dirty humour base running though the cards, but with a generally more surreal and light tone, if such applies.

That’s not to say its still not NFSW, but some of the cards are slightly less likely to promote cardiac issues and stunned silence in the elder family generations.


There are plenty more though – I am hoping to start making my way through the list, but if you beat me to any of these, let us know your thoughts on them – general feel of the cards selection, does it work well with the core game or any of the other expansions in particular, and is it worth picking up?


Carps and Angsty Manatees

Likely the strangest named set of them all, this is a newer entry to the scene compared to many others on the list. It has a few expansions, namely a Texas themed one which is very specific.

Carbs of the Huge Manatee

Well, another weirdly named set, with some equally weird cards thanks to sets beyond the initial general set being themed – Online Dating and Kink.

Cocks Abreast Hostility

The Amazon listing has “Will not melt steel beams” as a product feature – safety first always.

It is also unusual in that whilst the card backs are black and white as normal, the fronts are, as they put it, “Fair Use Blue” and “Copyright Compliant Navy”.


Cads About Matrimony

A sensibly named set, wearing its theme on its sleeve – a marriage-themed set – which immediately puts it high on my list to try next.

Make the couples squirm and the single grin with this range of expansions.

I’ll name check some more, as whilst writing this article, I did not realise just how many expansions there were and I could not possibly cover them all properly in one article, so for now, here they are, and I can revisit them at a later date:

I also found about all of these

  • Cows Against Hamburgers
  • Clones Attack Hilarity
  • Crows Adopt Vulgarity
  • Cards And Punishment
  • Words Against Morality
  • Humanity Hates Hillary Clinton
  • Humanity Hates Trump

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