Cards All For Cards Against Humanity


Cards Against Humanity was a huge hit when it came out – its irreverent, no holds barred, no joke too dark humour, all wrapped up in a simple as hell system that’s really just Blankety Blank without the shackle of a Prime Time TV time slot, ensured it found a wide audience fast, one that’s always happy to introduce new people if only to see the look on their faces as the level drops and the gutter gets over populated…

Damn, I love this game!

But even with the wealth of expansions, ongoing as they are in creating them, there is still a shelf life on some of the cards, no matter how hilariously and deliciously dark they may be.

New blood is needed to keep things going, and the world being as it is, there are plenty of fully compatible sets you can mix in. Here is a quick run down the some I have found, and an idea of whether they are for you, or maybe just too far the wrong side of “Aw hell no!” for you and your friends…

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Designer of Star Trek: Ascendancy and Firefly: The Game, Sean Sweigart dies

Gale Force Nine game designer,  Sean Sweigart has sadly passed away just age 48. Following complications after surgery, Sweigart passed away on December 27th. An announcement post on the Gale Force Nine website goes on to say: “Sean always sought new challenges. He relished innovating and creating. Sean wanted to make thematic games that told stories, games in which people could immerse themselves. He succeeded, and was rightly proud of his work. Sean was a close friend to those around him, passionate about games (among many other things!) and his presence will be sorely missed.” Sweigart had worked at Gale … Continue reading Designer of Star Trek: Ascendancy and Firefly: The Game, Sean Sweigart dies

SAMCRO Black Legion year in review

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As 2016 draws to a close it’s time for the annual reflection on how my SAMCRO warband have grown and the progress they have made. Games wise its been a slower year, only managing 20 actual games, with 7 victories, 1 draw and 12 losses. If I had to pick one that stands out it would be the opening battle of the Damnation Campaign against the Tau – they were totally unprepared for the speartip assault we unleashed against them. Painting wise, the Survivor Series Painting Challenge was another success this year, I managed to complete… Continue reading SAMCRO Black Legion year in review